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Spikenergy is the natural solution
for muscle aches
GAFITEX, Dispositivi medici per terapia dolore ed edema acuto GAFITEX, Dispositivi medici per terapia dolore ed edema acuto


Cartilage and osteoarticular pain syndromes, edematous panniculopathy and cellulite can be treated today with wearable microcurrents.

The application of electromagnetic fields in medicine has now become commonplace both in radiological diagnosis and in therapy.
While consensus is unanimous on the diagnostic validity of microcurrents, there is still much debate as regards its effectiveness in therapeutic applications.
However, numerous clinical trials and extensive research have shown the benefits of treatment with microcurrents and their effectiveness in acute and chronic inflammatory diseases, muscle pain, fractures, strains, osteoporosis, arthritis, osteoarthritis and tissue regeneration.

Cartilage and osteoarticular pain syndromes treated with wearable microcurrents

In general, low frequency (<100 Hz) and low intensity (extremely low frequency, ELF), not exceeding 100 G, pulsed magnetic fields are used.

Research carried out on exposed cell cultures in a magnetic chamber, in a static frequency controlled magnetic field. Perhaps the most widespread use of electromagnetotherapy, or the one for which patients have the greater compliance, is related to the analgesic function that the lower intensity application(<10 G) seems to perform.

Alongside the aids used in medical rehabilitation centres in the public and private sector, many home-use aids have also appeared on the market, which enable the patient to manage their own sessions and undertake longer courses of therapy. Recently, a fabric that reproduces the voltaic pile has been patented (patent No. MI 20001U00260 - Spikenergy). Pairs of copper/zinc wires alternating with a siliceous fabric are repeated in series; upon contact with the skin and exploiting the presence of sweat, the pile is activated and generates an electric current of 300 microamperes and a magnetic field of 4-10 nanoTesla.

Cellulite is a blood microcirculation disorder that, due to a malfunction, does not oxygenate the tissues sufficiently. Over time, this situation creates, on an aesthetic level, a so-called orange peel effect on the skin, but deeper down it harms the subcutaneous adipose tissue.
The causes that determine the appearance of cellulite are varied, such as an unhealthy lifestyle, but also by inherited, genetic factors and hormonal imbalances.

In short, these are the most common factors:

SPIKE CELL helps restore microcirculation thanks to microcurrents