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Spikenergy is the natural solution
for muscle aches
GAFITEX, Dispositivi medici per terapia dolore ed edema acuto GAFITEX, Dispositivi medici per terapia dolore ed edema acuto


Back when the company was still a proper workshop, the founder, Giorgio Botturi, had started a textile business for the finishing and linking of women's stockings in the roaring years of 1958-60.

The economic boom and the recovery, women's fashions and specialisation in the production of women's stockings, allowed the creation and subsequent flourishing of prestigious companies in the area, which are still sector market leader, such as: Golden-Lady, S.Pellegrino Filodoro and Levante.

For these companies and for a vast area that stretches from Castiglione delle Stiviere, Castel Goffredo and Guidizzolo, Gafitex has produced and continues to produce gussets for stockingsThe production of women's stockings is of such high quality and specialization to have accounted for over 65% of European sock production with a very high employment of resources.

The last decade has seen Gafitex engaged in the research and production of products specialised in combining yarns and textiles with active ingredients, which, when in contact with the skin, are able to produce magnetic microcurrents for therapeutic purposes.
Following extensive research and numerous trials, patents, certification and partnerships with prestigious universities, Gafitex launched two new types of product under the trademarks SPIKENERGY and SPIKE CELL.

These products were created from the company's desire to make available a new range of products with therapeutic properties to patients, doctors and chemists.
Gafitex's mission is to offer medical aids that enable patients to improve their quality of life and allow doctors and chemists to benefit from innovative approaches to the treatment of both common and demanding diseases.
As part of this mission, Gafitex introduces to the distribution cycle products with innovative features, competitive advantages and with differentiating features that patients, doctors and chemists recognise as being useful for achieving "NEW OBJECTIVES FOR THE HEALTH AND IMPROVING QUALITY OF LIFE".