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GAFITEX, Medical Devices for Pain Treatment and anti-cellulite


Adjuvant Microcurrent treatment in pain therapy and acute and chronic oedema

Spikenergy and Spike Cell are medical aids designed for articular, and circulatory diseases and disorders, and for cellulite and panniculitis.

Neck Pain Epicondylitis Back pain or Sciatica Myalgia Edematous panniculopathy and cellulite Tendinitis Osteoarticular pain
Products studied and designed to offer an effective therapy against acute and chronic pain.

Goodbye pain
Products studied and designed to offer an effective therapy against acute and chronic pain.
Ideal for athletes

Spikenergy is particulary suitable for people who practise sports. The unisex product range is suited to all inflammation, swelling and pain induced syndromes, in particular in Physiatry, Orthopaedics, Traumatology, Sports Medicine and Rheumatology.

Products studied and designed to offer an effective therapy against cellulite.

Goodbye Cellulite
Edematous Fibrosclerotic Panniculopathy, commonly known as cellulite, is a widespread condition that manifests itself in an orange peel or mattress effect.

Spike Cell performs micro biostimulation which restores microcirculation for the removal of liquids and excess fats.


Gafitex is a long-standing company locate in the industrial area north of Mantua, a territory with a great manufacturing tradition. The company was originally a true textile workshop but today it is an innovative and fully developed business, which has successfully invested in research and innovation, leading to the registration of new brands SPIKENERGY and SPIKECELL.
The SPIKENERGY and SPIKE CELL trademarked products exploit their electromagnetic properties to offer the market therapeutic solutions for problems of joint pain. Today, these products are officially categorised as Medical Aids.

Solid proof

Many people suffering from chronic osteoarticular or circulatory diseases have tried and worn our product and were willing to provide their own personal feedback. Nobody describes the effectiveness of a product better than he who has used it and can talk from personal experience.
Discover the testimonials of those who have already experienced the effectiveness of SPIKENERGY.


Tests carried out
Our health is important and, for this reason, Gafitex has carried out years of research, experiments and clinical trials in order to offer its customers the certainty of a certified product whose clinical trials attest to its reliability.
Our products would never have become medical aids without certified and accurate clinical trials.


An age-old solution
Microcurrents are used as a therapeutic approach to curing osteoarticular and circulatory diseases and disorders by means of tissue stimulation. They are normally created by machines that produce low intensity energy and applied by means of electrodes attached to the skin.